Top 10 Latest and Greatest Cardiac Apps for iOS

Top 10 Latest and Greatest Cardiac Apps for iOS

Uncover the top 10 latest cardiac apps for iOS, aiding in heart health management and tracking vital metrics such as heart rate, blood pressure, and more. Explore Heartify, Cardiogram, HealthRate, Hello Heart, Cardiio, FibriCheck, Qardio, Heart Rate Monitor, ECG for Doctors, and InPulse to prioritize your heart health journey and enhance overall well-being. Remember, these apps complement professional medical care and are designed to empower users with valuable health insights.

As we said earlier, the heart is an essential part of the human body, whose function we cannot take for granted. Caring for it and addressing any possible sickness by finding out quickly and treating it would help us live longer.

The selected iPhone apps below do not entirely ensure that diagnoses have been made as they only offer recommendations. Therefore, connecting with a medical professional is vital, as they are humans and can provide solutions to whatever the problem may be. However, dig in and discover!

10 Cardiac Apps for iOS


Heartify simply measures your heart rate using your phone’s camera. All you need to do is make sure you hold your phone in a steady position, remain calm, and avoid breathing too quickly—just maintain a regular pace. Then, cover your phone’s back camera with your fingers. Voila! Your heart rate measurement will begin displaying. Also, you can track your daily heart rate and access informative content with this app.


Cardiogram provides Heart IQ and Migraine IQ subscriptions, each with a 30-day free trial, and transforms your wearable devices into heart monitors. It includes features such as continuous heart rate tracking, symptom tracking, ECG/EKG and blood pressure readings, sleep tracking, and risk assessment for conditions like hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes. These features are not only beneficial for heart health but also for managing other illnesses and conditions.


You can conveniently monitor your heart rate using your iPhone or Apple Watch with HealthRate. The features of this app include note-taking for effortless recording of recommendations, blood pressure monitoring, weight tracking, and calendar-based visualization. It synchronizes health data with the Health app, supports data export in PDF format, and includes privacy measures.

Hello Heart

Hello Heart is a free app provided by employers and health plans to aid in blood pressure and cholesterol management with insights, tracking, and daily tips. You have the freedom to monitor various health metrics including blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, activity, medications, and weight, using FDA-cleared monitoring devices featured in the app.


Cardiio integrates with Health Kit and offers Pro features for full functionality to measure pulse using your phone’s camera. There are quick workouts and progress tracking for you to enhance your heart condition as well. In addition to measuring heart rate, Cardiio offers features such as insights into how your heart rate relates to your fitness and endurance levels.

It provides built-in high-intensity circuit training exercises with a personal dashboard where you can track your performance and displays historical data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


FibriCheck is a medically certified app that allows heart rhythm, heart rate, and blood pressure to be monitored with your smartphone camera. It provides quick and easy measurements, detailed reports, and the option to share results with medical professionals, following a suggestion. Developed with PPG technology and in collaboration with medical experts, it is safe to say you would always obtain very precise suggestions.


Qardio app simplifies heart health management with clinically validated devices to track blood pressure, body composition, temperature, and more. This app is integrated with Apple Health and Apple Watch, providing easy-to-understand charts, stats, and trends. You can share data with doctors and other individuals and subscribe for advanced features.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor is your comprehensive health companion to track heart rate, blood pressure, diabetes, and BMI. The app offers home workouts, yoga, and meditation sessions for all fitness levels. You can receive real-time insights and share your health data with your doctor and family. Additionally, there are subscription options for unlimited access to advanced features, all while prioritizing user privacy and adherence to medical guidelines.

ECG for Doctors

The ECG pro app simplifies electrocardiogram reading with thousands of interpreted cases, helping medical professionals and students gain ECG reading abilities. This app offers a comprehensive collection of real 12-lead ECG cases with professional interpretations. Its features include dynamic case playback, multiple lead layouts, and easy case sharing.


You can monitor your health daily with Inpulse by enabling pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation tracking with your iPhone’s camera. Don’t stress about how to do that, as you can receive reminders to log your vitals and manage stress levels. Features include fingertip pulse measurement, journaling for vitals, daily health assessments, lifestyle advice, habit tracking, mental health tests, and integration with Apple Health.


Do not solely depend on the suggestions these apps provide, as they are just apps with AI attributes. Whichever app you pick and find most suitable for you, explore and report to the hospital for a proper check-up. Feel free to mention similar apps in the comment section for all to benefit.