Santa’s Digital Toy Bag: 7 Fun and Free apps for kids this Christmas

Santa’s Digital Toy Bag: Fun and Free apps for kids this Christmas

Christmas is the most cherished holiday that there is, it is celebrated by billions of people across the world and it comes with a sense of ecstasy we can’t just explain.

Presently, families have planned out how they’re going to spend their holiday, mapped out where to go, what to drink and eat, and what to wear. It is also important to have complete plans on how to keep kids entertained in this season.

Some toddlers will be experiencing their very first Christmas season this year, while some kids have had several Christmas holiday encounters. They know what the air smells and feel like in the season.

For the first-timers, this one should be a notable break for them. Let them inculcate that every day in life is celebrated but that Christmas is special. Then for the non-first timers, this Christmas should be added to the list of the very best holidays they’ve confronted.

You may be wondering how to achieve this, this article will provide with apps to kill kids’ boredom in the coming Christmas holidays. Load their iPads, laptops, and phones with the apps below to engage their minds in fun and enlightening content.

7 Fun and Free apps for kids this Christmas

Domi Kids-Baby Songs & Videos

Domi Kids-Baby Songs & Videos kid’s game app offers many children’s videos ranging from Nursery rhymes to music and cartoons. It is a collection of BabyTiger Kid Apps and games designed to keep toddlers as busy as a mom.

Fun and Free apps for kids this Christmas

It possesses a kid-friendly User interface and features Nursery Rhymes like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and many other fun songs. Its environment is safe with parental controls, it is regularly updated, and allows usage offline.

BabyTiger World: Video & Game

This app is a safe and fun app for kids within 1-5 years. BabyTiger World offers different high-quality and educational content like Nursery Rhymes, animated videos, game cards, and puzzles. 

The creators of the app are aware kids could get bored too, so they constantly update it with content that is engaging. Children can also learn basic skills and habits like shapes,  English, numbers, brushing teeth, and showering.

BabyTiger World undoubtedly promotes standard healthy living in kids at an early age. It is free but with a subscription option to be able to access all videos and games.

Kids Math: Math Games for Kids

A collection of fun Math games for early schoolers. The games are designed to make learning easy and enjoyable for kids of all ages. The app features “Math with Beads” for simple math operations and counting exercises, and “Learning Numbers” for number-arranging and matching exercises. 

Kids Math uses Montessori-style learning tools, which help children learn math and numbers effortlessly. It also offers alluring cartoon characters, a clean interface, report cards, and rewards like stickers and certificates to monitor progress.

It app will enrich kids with various math skills from basic counting to comparing numbers. It is ads-free and without in-app purchases.

KidloLand Toddler & Kids Games

KidloLand has everything for kids under 5 years and hundreds of stories for kids, toddler games, baby songs, and nursery rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old MacDonald, and more interactive rhymes.

This game offer provides kids the platform to Play 3000+ toddler games like coloring, tracing, ABC games, and more games that suit 2-5-year-olds.

These children’s games consist of puzzle and connect-the-dots games. Join over one million happy families worldwide to use this all-inclusive educational children.

Baby Care: Kids & Toddler Game

Baby Care will best suit girl children who dedicate a lot of time taking care of and petting their doll, guys won’t subscribe to this because they hate to babysit.

Children can feed the babies, dress them up, bathe them, put the baby to sleep, and play with them in this game.

The game consists of levels designed for different age groups ranging from newborn babies to twins. Major features in this app for kids include; 

  • Baby Dress – up which allows user to pamper their baby by selecting from a wide range of outfits.
  • Baby food permits them to feed their baby on the feeding chair in the kitchen. Babies are treated to foods like donuts, burgers, fries, and sushi.
  • Play Room where cute babies await their attention to engage them in various play-time activities like playing with a bouncing ball, and alphabet blocks.

Kids Learning Games

The lessons in Kids Learning Games include; Colors and shapes, Alphabet and vocabulary, Math, Physics and logic (Puzzle games based on physics),  and Art and creation. 

The app is an educational platform that focuses on combining learning and play for children aged 2-6. Kids Learning Games offers themes like an amusement park, a construction site, and a pirate base, all of these themes engage children’s curiosity and help promote learning.

The game features over 60 scenes and possesses lively animation. The amazing rewards and coins kids receive for doing well are enough reinforcement to keep them going. There are no ads when playing and games can be played offline.

First™ | Fun Learning For Kids

This app gives content for daily activities, including lullabies, educational and fun songs, books, and a classroom feature where children can learn school curriculum milestones through fun and educative games.

First is an educational learning platform that helps build an unwavering preschool foundation and provides support to parents who may not have time to school them at home. 

Features of this game include;

  • A complete learning experience with instructive games, books, and songs.
  • Amiable TV characters.
  • Videos are available in multiple languages.
  • Teacher-approved content.
  • A child-safe interface without advertisements.
  • Ability to view play offline after content is downloaded.


The fact that children should be put first in the coming Christmas celebration should not be underrated. The apps above can be turned on for them at home, in the car, or at school.

Create a remarkable holiday for the first-timers and make it unforgettable for the old-timers. Learning never ends, little children deserve all of the fun and entertainment this Christmas.

If you know other games as stunning as the ones above, please kindly state them in the comment section for parents to try out.