Holiday Hustle: 7 Free Apps to help you make money online this Christmas

Free Apps to help you make money online this Christmas

If you aren’t making money online in this time and age, you are probably violating the laws of the digital revolution and could be arrested for that! Don’t mind me, just kidding.

It is completely fine to not earn money online. If you fall into this category, it is my pleasure to meet you. However, I have plenty of good tidings to share with you. Although I’m not Santa, I’m sure you will love to know what I have to say. 

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and we are going to be spending incredibly too much money not to have support. My last piece on how to manage this season’s shopping spree goes hand in hand with this article.

Adding the money you actually earn with the online income will help go a long way in supporting your monetary plans and budget this festive period.

The holiday breaks are coming in and you are expected to stay home. This article will provide you with trusted mobile applications to make money from. Don’t fret about how you going to fund such useful apps, they’re free and effortless to engage in. Here are seven free apps to boost your holiday hustle; 

Free Apps to help you make money online this Christmas


Cardgoal is becoming the leading platform in Nigeria for trading gift cards in Naira. It is a reliable and secure gift card(all types of gift cards, whether physical or e-codes) transaction app. Users can sell their gift cards at the highest rate and receive a cash bonus. 

Cardgoal provides the best rates in the industry along with fast payments and round-the-clock support. The latest version includes new trading features like a newbie reward campaign, and the ability to check gift card prices in real time.

Free Apps to help you make money online this Christmas

This app boasts a simple and fast transaction process where users can easily create an account, initiate the transaction within 30 seconds, and add their bank account for withdrawals.

With its lightning-fast transactions, ensuring efficient and timely payments Cardgoal provides official limited-time subsidies to ensure maximum value for your gift cards.

Waje Whot Game

If you have proficient skills in playing the Whot game, it is only proper to use this skill to earn a lot of money this season to buy yourself goodies for being so talented and prolific.

This app is a digital gaming platform where can challenge their friends and others to create an exciting digital gaming experience. It is mainly focused on Nigerian-based games, specifically the popular Whot game.

Waje Whot Game features pictorial gestures and stickers to express feelings during gameplay, making it very interesting. Users are allowed to connect with game lovers from all over Nigeria.

This Whot game has gone from a basic interface to a world-class interface offering multiplayer mode and single-player mode. Players can also enjoy fair Whot games with friends, family,  and other people.


Tbay app accepts different gift cards including iTunes, Amazon, Steam Wallet, Google Play, etc. It is a global gift card trading platform that allows users to sell their gift cards and instantly get paid within 5 minutes.

Users earn in Naira and competitive rates for gift card redemption and ensure secure transactions. It operates all day and night and provides professional services from qualified buyers.

Tbay also allows users to acquire coins by selling gift cards and referring friends, with the opportunity to earn huge sums per month.  


Hello to my freelancers who seek other platforms to explore and obtain extra cash this holiday, I give you you Fiverr.

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with experts from around the world and offers various digital freelance services like programming, digital marketing, translation, design, writing, and video animation.

It provides instant access to a global network of remote freelancers, provides a diverse pool of creative freelancers, Whether you need multiple services to build your business or just one expert for a specific job.

This platform brings you unlimited opportunities, you can easily place orders, browse options, and receive updates anywhere and anytime. You can be sure of finding the right freelancer around the clock from different time zones.

Easy Bucks

Easy Bucks is a cash app where users make money and earn gift cards and crypto from anywhere in the world by playing games, taking surveys, and inviting friends.

The number of offers users can complete is limitless, they can dominate the leaderboard to showcase their commitment. Easy Bucks is available for teenagers and adults.

This app allows users the chance to choose how they want to be paid, whether it’s through PayPal cash, gift cards, or cryptocurrencies. The app also offers opportunities to earn money by playing games like MMORPGs and gacha games. 


The Repocket online app provides a way to make money by sharing your internet connection. Repocket makes it easy and accessible for anyone who can access the internet to make some extra money by presenting a bonus and commission on all referred users.

Developers can monetize their apps and audience by blending the Repocket SDK. This app also permits businesses to access IP addresses in over 165 countries through its large-scale proxy network thereby providing them services. 

Repocket ensures the user’s privacy and data by not sharing personal information beyond what is necessary for the app’s operation.

The app presently supports payments through PayPal and will build more options soon. It is available in all countries except North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela.

It only takes less than 5 minutes to get started, all you need do is install the app on any device and connect to the internet. Your unused internet will be shared in the background, and you can pause or disable it at any time.


The Toloka app allows users to earn money online by completing brief tasks. These tasks can be done either online or offline, based on the convenience of the user.

Earnings in this app are calculated in dollars and can be withdrawn in the user’s local currency through payment platforms like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and QIWI. 

No special knowledge or experience is required to earn from the app as it is accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, internet access, and time for a little bit of freelance tasks.

The app provides loads of task options for different preferences. For those who are often outside the house, there are field tasks like verifying or adding information about businesses while those who prefer to work from home can match search terms.

There are also other tasks which include watching videos and assessing search query results. Multiple tasks can be done at the same time in Toloka. Please note that the app is for users who are over 18 years old.


Even though you don’t say thanks, I am going to take the credit for the incredible work done. The apps highlighted above will go a long way topping your salary or solving a problem or two.

Mobile data consumption should be leveraged by how it can be efficiently used this Christmas season to get the best from the internet and not lavished in vain. If you know more free apps beneficial to our purses, please state them in the comment section.